Homestead Vacations

Please don't hesitate to say helloand pass along any thoughts or questions you have.

We'd love to hear from you.

Accommodations here at Apricity are rustic and comfortable. At the homestead, guests stay in classic Alaskan Wall Tents on wooden platforms evoking the frontier spirit. These are equipped with a lounging deck, wood stove, comfortable bed, and wash basins. Wall tents are set up near the sound of flowing water and have spectacular mountain views.  More adventurous souls are welcome to stay in our cozy tipi, also equipped with a wood stove. 

Bathing facilities consist of a solar showers with a view.  Wash basins and kettles are also in your wall tent for washing up. This spring, we begin construction on a traditional Finnish sauna and bathhouse. Do you have carpentry experience and want a working vacation?  Let us know if you'd be interested in helping us build while leaving your mark on Apricity.  

Both of your homestead hosts love to cook. Meals are prepared with love in our home kitchen. Meals are then enjoyed outside in a covered dining area. Whenever possible, we serve food from the wild and/or harvested from our garden. We take pride in making sure you are well-fed wit hearty, wholesome meals! Let us know your favorite dishes-- we enjoy requests!

An Apricity Vacation is for the traveller looking to explore off the beaten path. A homestead stay allows visitors to unplug, rewild, and relax. 

At Apricity, we offer full service guiding with basic comforts and amenities in one of the most remote and little experienced regions of the state. 

We take a very limited number of bookings so we can ensure your stay is one to remember! With one on one guiding, each day is an adventure tailored to your desires. Popular activities include birding, hiking, horseback riding,bouldering, backpacking, fishing, gold panning, nature lectures, wilderness skill development, relaxing creekside, and picking wild berries on the alpine tundra. 

So, do you want to go on a hike? Are you up for low-key nature hike or a 10-mile ridge top loop? We'll take you up to our boulder field where you can glass for grizzly bears, caribou and other wildlife. Morning birding adventure? We're excited to show you our favorite spots frequented by some of our familiar winged friends. Interested in lounging in a deck chair by the creek eating home-made sourdough doughnuts?  Well, do you like jelly or plain?

Whether you are looking for a multi-day horse-trekking adventure or a simply a chance to unwind far away from the hum of the rest of the world, we are here to make your Homestead Vacation a success.