Your Hosts

Morgan Beasley learned to pack horses after graduating from the University of Idaho. He has worked in construction, cabinetry, fish processing, on trail crews and as a guide. After making his way to the mountains of Alaska, he continued packing horses and began exploring  Alaska on long solo backpacking trips. He has trekked twice across the formidable Alaska Range.  Safety through awareness and forethought is Morgan's biggest priority. He enjoys hunting, reading, rock climbing, spending time in the saddle, and a cold beer. 


Margaret Stern was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She moved to Maine to study Botany and Natural History at College of the Atlantic. While in Maine, Margaret acquired skills in draft horse work, farming and taxidermy. She ended up in Alaska where she has explored the state backpacking and climbing, falling head over heels in love with the state and the unique experiences it offers. Margaret has worked as a baker, farmer, gardener, and camp cook. She is a published botanist. Margaret loves identifying plants, birdwatching, exploring via foot or saddle, baking breads, and finding any excuse to spend time outside.

Your Hosts.

Our long term vision is to create a self-sufficient, agricultural homestead in the landscape we have love while sharing the joy of exploration, the outdoors and adventure with Alaska's guests. ​ Come explore with us!