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 Wilderness Adventures and Homestead Stays 

 in the Heart of Bush Alaska

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Your adventure takes you beyond the reach of the road system. Here, wildlife abounds and the territory is far less traveled. More than 150 miles from the nearest road, on the Western side of the vast and sprawling Alaska range is some of the most untouched and remote country in the state. Under the gaze of unnamed mountain peaks, nestled between the flow of two creeks, and a world a way from the frenetic hum of human activity lies the Apricity Alaska Homestead.

We chose this life for the freedom and deep connection to place it provides.

 Each day is a Meditation on the simplicity of our needs:

hauling water, chopping wood, hunting for fresh foods 

The satisfaction of creation:

building and growing our home, woodcarving, nurturing seeds,  

The exhilaration of exploration:

 Watching caribou roam the foothills, bagging unnamed peaks, the beating of horse hooves across open tundra. 

Come explore with us as we create a self-sufficient, agricultural homestead in the landscape we love while sharing the joy of discovery, the outdoors and adventure with Alaska's guests. ​ Come visit us!

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Apricity  Alaska

Apricity Alaska